Price list CityBee charges no registration or membership fees. You simply pay for the amount of time you use one of our vans and the number of kilometres you travel. How do I register as a CityBee user? Download the CityBee app for Android (from Google Play) or iOS (from the App Store). Once it’s installed, choose the country where you’ll be using the service – in this case, Estonia. Where can I end the rent? The areas you can park CityBee vans are marked on the map in the app. Terminating your hire period outside these areas isn’t possible. Your hire period continues until you park the vehicle and terminate your booking in the app. In what paid parking zones can I park? In addition to Tallinn city parking zones: Südalinn and Kesklinn, there is a possibility within Citybee zone to park a Citybee cars and end your reservation in these private parking zones. I can’t log in to my account. What should I do if I’ve forgotten my user name or password? Don’t worry – it happens! First check that you’ve entered the right e-mail address and password. Bear in mind that passwords are case-sensitive. If you still can’t log in, select Do I need to submit my debit/credit card details when I register? It’s best if you do this straight away, yes. You can still do it afterwards if you prefer, but without having saved your card details you won’t be able to make any bookings or rent our vans. What cards do you accept? We accept all Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. You can add more than one card. Bear in mind that your card will need to have been activated for online transactions. Can I register myself on CityBee but add someone else’s payment card? Nope – sorry! The debit or credit card whose details you enter has to belong to the holder of the account. What documents do I need in order to register? Have your category B driver’s licence handy. That’s all you need. How can I book one of your vans? Open the app and find the nearest van on the map or using the list. Press the icon to bring up the exact location and fuel level of the van in question. Once you find a suitable van, How do I unlock the van? If you’re at the van, open the app, select ‘Booking’ and then hit ‘Unlock’. The doors will unlock automatically and you can hop in. How long are bookings valid for? Free bookings are valid for 15 minutes. After that, bookings are cancelled automatically. If you need to, you can give yourself more time by clicking on ‘Extend booking’. Can I cancel my booking? If so, how much will it cost me? You can cancel any booking free of charge within 15 minutes of making it. If you change your mind, simply choose ‘Cancel’ and then confirm that you’re cancelling the Can I terminate my hire period in another location? Yes, you can! You can end the rent in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. How are CityBee’s prices calculated? When booking a car, the first 15 minutes are free (if the reservation is extended up to 24 hours, a fee will be charged after 15 minutes). The fee is calculated from the moment the car doors are opened using the application. The price of the trip depends on the time traveled (minute/hour/day/week/month) and the number of kilometers traveled. You can find more information and a price calculator: https://www.citybee.ee/en/prices. How do you charge the fees for using CityBee? To hire one of our vans you need to add your debit/credit card details to your CityBee account. You can add the details of more than one card if you like and then simply choose whichever card you want to pay with on that particular occasion. How much does it cost to use CityBee? Not much! For comfort passenger cars just €0.20 per minute, €6.90 per hour, €32.90 per day or €159 per week, plus €0.20 for every kilometre you travel. For the full price list, take a look at the ‘Prices’ page online at www.citybee.ee or on the app. Do I have to pay for petrol when I use a CityBee van? No. You simply pay for the amount of time you use it and the number of kilometres you travel. If the fuel gauge runs low while you’re driving (i.e. the red light comes on), find your nearest Circle-K petrol station, fill the tank and pay using the fuel card you’ll find in the vehicle. Will I still pay for van hire if I don’t end up using it but fail to terminate the hire period? Yes. Total costs are calculated at the moment you terminate your hire period regardless of whether the van has moved or not. What should I do if the petrol’s running low? Find your nearest Alexela petrol station, fill up and pay using the fuel card you’ll find affixed to the back of the sun visor (not in cash). Your help will definitely be noted at CityBee. How old do I have to be to use your service? At least 18. And don’t forget that you have to have a valid category B driver’s licence. Is the service available 24/7? Yep – 24/7/365! (366 every four years.) Can absolutely anyone rent a CityBee cars? Our vans are available to [just about] everyone. You simply have to be 18+ years old and have a category B driver’s licence. How big is the cargo space? What will fit into it? Our vans have enough room for large and long items. For example, they’ll take 90 boxes measuring 56 x 33 x 41 cm or a 3.5-metre worktop of some kind (for a kitchen, say). In the Fiat Ducato the cargo space is Are there any restrictions on the weight of the cargo? Yes. The max. weight when using a Fiat Ducato is 1450 kg. Our vans can make light work of heavy loads, but even they have their limits – and you need to make sure you don’t exceed them. Are there straps to hold my things in place in the cargo space? Yes. If you need to transport something big and heavy, definitely use the straps. Objects that aren’t tied down can affect your driving safety and/or damage the vehicle. Let us know if there aren’t any straps in the van. What kind of driver’s licence do I need to drive one of your vans? A category B licence is fine. Bear in mind though that our vans are much larger than ordinary cars. Just like our slogan says, they’re big vans for big deliveries! If you’ve never driven such a van before, Can someone else drive the van as well? No. The driver has to be the holder of the CityBee account via which the vehicle was booked and hired. How many seats are there in your vans? There’s room for three people in the driver’s cabin (i.e. the driver and two passengers). Bear in mind that it’s prohibited for anyone to be in the cargo space while the vehicle is moving. How tall are your vans? Will they fit in an underground car park? This is where things could get tricky. Always check the permitted height. Bear in mind that CityBee vans are bigger and taller than ordinary cars. They’ll fit in car parks and parking stations where the max. Where do I find the key? On the shelf below the radio and gear stick. The key should be between the cup holders. If not, check the glove compartment. Bear in mind that at the end of your hire period you need to return the keys to the designated spot. Where do I find the van’s registration documents and insurance policy? Both are in the passenger-side glove compartment. Is your app available on all smartphones and operating systems? Windows Phone, for example? Our app can be used on devices operating on Android 4.4 or iOS version 9.3 and up. Can I take the CityBee van outside of Estonia? Sure – but before you do you’ll need to call us and let us know where you’re going and how long you’ll be outside the country. I can’t seem to terminate my hire period. What’s the problem likely to be? Make sure you’re in a CityBee zone. Remember that you can only terminate a hire period within a designated area. If you are, What happens if I lose the van’s documents? Let us know straight away by calling us on +372 600 5888. Are CityBee vans insured? Yep – all of our vehicles are insured. Your excess as the driver is max. 500 euros (if you cause the damage in question). What should I do if I damage the van? If you cause any damage to the vehicle, call us straight away on +372 600 5888 and explain what happened. We’ll tell you what to do next. I caused an accident. What should I do, and what costs will I incur? Accidents happen! If you caused it, note down where it occurred and call us on +372 600 5888. I noticed some damage to the van or there was something missing. What should I do? Take a photo of any damage you notice and e-mail it to info@citybee.ee or call us on +372 600 5888. If there’s something missing or simply not right in the driver’s cabin or the cargo space, let us know. What do I do if there’s nowhere to park in the area? Wait until a parking space is freed up or try for a spot in a nearby area. I left something in the van. How can I get it back? If you’re still in the area and the van hasn’t already been hired by someone else, simply hire it again for a moment and retrieve whatever you left inside the van. If you can’t access the vehicle for Can I transport live animals in your vans? Sure – but only if they’re pets, they’re in baskets or cages designed specifically for them, they’re on the seat next to you and they’re secured with a seatbelt. Is there a mobile holder and charger in the van? Of course! We’re all about the latest technology. You can safely store your phone and charge it in our vans. Let us know if either the holder or the recharger is missing. What is Premium plan? "Premium" plan is additional perk and service pack for extra charge. For now we offer one extra perk - in case of an accident, the franchise payment for “Premium” user is reduced from current €500 to €100. To join the plan click in the app on "More" on the right bottom corner and choose "Premium". NB! This function works only with updated app version 4.10.6! Prices: 1 day (24h from purchasing moment) – 1.99€ 7 days (168h from purchasing moment) – 3.99€ 30 days (720h from purchasing moment) – 9.99€ Please be aware that reduced franchise payment of “Premium” plan is not applicable to the User in case the damage to the Company was caused by the User acting intentionally, under the influence of alcohol as well as in other cases provided in the Article 4.9. of the CityBee Terms and conditions where the User shall indemnify the Company against all the loss incurred or the User is obliged to pay to the Company a penalty in the amount indicated in the Pricelist. Can I come back to Estonia with CityBee during quarantine? Yes. If you want to reserve a car in Latvia or Lithuania you will need to create a profile for the the country you are planning to take the car from. To do that, follow the steps below: 1. What if I received a parking ticket? If you got a parking ticket while using our car, let us know about it. Please don't pay the parking tickets by yourself. Citybee will handle the claims. After this Citybee will claim the amount of the fine from you. Kas ja kuidas mõjutab Citybee Leedu andmeleke CityBee Eesti kliente? Andmeleke ei puuduta CityBee kliente Eestis. Eestis on võetud kasutuseletäiendavad turvameetmed, et tagada CityBee klientide andmetemaksimaalne turvalisus.
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Can I take the CityBee van outside of Estonia?

Sure – but before you do you’ll need to call us and let us know where you’re going and how long you’ll be outside the country. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to use the fuel card to pay for petrol outside of Estonia, so fill up the tank before you cross the border. Citybee reservations can be ended also in Latvian and Lithuanian Citybee zones but using this feature will add a 59€ fee to the reservation fee.